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Odd College Sports

Not a football fan? Check out these odd college sports.

Are you athletic but not into major sports? Do you want to play college sports but spent more time in the library than the gym? Maybe you want to get involved in something and make a few friends at school. Here are a few college sports you might not know existed and the schools that play them.

Muggle Quidditch. From the pages of Harry Potter to an empty field near you, Muggle Quidditch is just like the sport everyone’s favorite wizard plays, but without the magic. Well, a different kind of magic. Started at Middlebury College, the sport now has worldwide appeal. So popular now, it is featured at nearly 300 schools in the U.S. alone.

Just as in the books, there are three types of ball in play. The quaffle is a volleyball, the blugers are dodgeballs, and the snitch is a tennis ball attached to a person running around. Points are scored by tossing the quaffle through a hoop.

Mine Rescue. Yes, some colleges compete in mine rescue. Participants compete in categories like radio frequencies and communications, fresh-air procedures, roof testing and support, and underground rescue.quidich

You could probably have guessed that schools with mine rescue teams tend to be near mining areas and schools with mining or related programs.

The competitions are part game and part training experiences. Many of those competing are heading into mining as a career. The skills they test at events could someday be used in a practical sense to actually save lives. Unlike most of the sports on this list, this one is very serious. It’s less of a game and more of a gamified learning experience.

If you’re planning to go into a field that is related to mining or geology and your school has a team, it’s a great thing to have on your resume going into the workforce.

Curling. No, not like doing your hair. The sport was invented by the Scottish and is dominated by the Canadians. With a few dozen teams across the country, curling is an up-and-coming sport.

Popular on the club level, curling is growing into an intercollegiate sport at many schools. A solid choice if you want to play college sports but haven’t been training in that sport since childhood.

Curling is also a sport you can play your whole life, unlike other more popular college sports, not to mention the possibility of going to the Olympics and winning a gold medal. Can’t do that with football.

Sprint Football. Want to play football but don’t want to be crushed by a 300-pound guy? Sprint football is here for you. Restricted to those 172 pounds or less, sprint football is competitive football for the average size person.

This isn’t something new; sprint football has an 80-year history. And it’s not small unknown schools that compete. Started by Princeton and Penn State, the league now has Army, Cornell, Mansfield, Navy, and a few others as participants.

The rules seem to mostly align with traditional football, except for the weight restriction.

College sports aren’t all about making it to the pros. The fact of the matter is, most people playing college sports will not go pro. So if you want to play college sports and make waves, these oddball, smaller sports are often a good option. Or maybe mine rescue is just your thing.

Whatever your motivation to join the team of an obscure sport at your school, remember that your grades should always come first.